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Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan Template

Hello, and thanks for stopping by. In this post you will find a blank Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan Template as well as two tried and true sample lessons. There are 7 basic steps to the 
Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan. 
Step 1: 

Anticipatory Set - AKA "The Hook" -This is where you build excitement for the lesson students are about to learn. It can be as simple as reminding them about something the previously learned to getting them out of their seat like in the first sample lesson. 

Step 2:

Objective Stated to Students- While you definitely have your own objectives/standards that you plan as your focus, don't forget to tell the students what they are about to learn (in kid friendly language) and how they are going to show you that they learned it at the end of the lesson. This helps with the "What did you learn in school today?" and kid answers "Nothing." syndrome.

Step 3: 

Purpose/ Connection to Real World- How does this lesson apply to the real world? Why should students bother learning this? The answer should never be "to pass the test." 

Step 4: 

Instructional Input- Includes lesson specific Vocabulary. Some people think that the teacher should only talk for ten minutes and then let the students process for two minutes.

Step 5:

Check for Understanding- Can occur simultaneously with Instructional Input or can be the "two minute" processing time. Let students explain to another student what the teacher was trying to convey. You will be surprised how students will retain information better by adding this step to every lesson.

Step 6:

Closure- Close the lesson by restating what they have learned. If students can then explain to their parents or other students what the objective was then you know they learned!

Step 7:

Independent Practice- If students learned the concept, they will be able to independently work on a few problems on their own correctly.  This can also serve as an assessment. Make a SMART GOAL for yourself: If 80% of the students got 8 of 10 problems correct then the lesson was a success. If not, it is time to Reteach.

There are actually two full pages to each of these sample Madeline Hunter Lesson Plans. You can access them by choosing each image. On the second page there are the Check for understanding, closure, independent practice, lesson extensions and SENTENCE FRAMES elements.  
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     When I was interviewing for a teaching position at Hardy Brown College Prep, I had to do a sample lesson. I chose the Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan Template because to me, it is the best and most complete template. This was the hardest I have EVER worked to get a teaching assignment and it was just a temp substitute position!

     The lesson went so well that the Principal and Assistant Principal couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear. They said it was the BEST they'd ever seen that batch of kiddos behave. Needless to say, I was hired for a long term position. This was good news since I was taking a sabbatical from my regular teaching assignment and I wanted to get to know a CHARTER SCHOOL from the inside. More on that in another post (but below is a little snippet).

     After being there a month, I know that I will never badmouth what the wonderful teacher's unions do for us. I felt like a slave in this charter school. I worked from 7:15 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.(4:30 officially) but I still had work to do when I got home AND I only had 30 minutes for lunch. 

     Those poor kindergarteners were on a full time schedule from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. with no nap time. I had been successfully teaching 1/2 day Kindergarten for 4 years. The extra 5 hours of class was not the magic key. Och! I could go on but alas, I just wanted to share my two Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan samples. I have also been working on a KINDERGARTEN CLOSE READING LESSON PLAN. 

     Please let me know how your lesson goes if you choose to use them. Let me know if you have any questions. 

Charlie Chaffin 

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