Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Teaching Phonics with Sign Language

Watch this video with your kiddos until they are familiar with all of the gestures for each animal/ letter.
Warning! It is addicting for them.

See some example flash cards by clicking on the picture

     When students associate a picture with a sound and a gesture, they are unstoppable! I believe that Kindergarten has two Reading Goals, I call them "Unforgivables." They must learn their letters and sounds, capital and lowercase, and they must be able to read and write C-V-C Words. These are three letter words with a vowel in the middle such as, CAT, PIG, HAT, RED, GUM. 
     The full page flashcards will help students focus on these goals. I set the cards on my lap (print them on card stock and laminate to make them sturdy), then do the following routine (one of several). I say the name of the card, for example: BAILEY BEAR b…b…b,   COCO CAT c…c…c, as I do the sign language for each card. Students love doing this in my class and are engaged the whole time. 
Charlie Chaffin 

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