Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Common Core Lesson Plan Template

          There is a lot to be said about a good lesson plan template. My favorite one has always been the MADELINE HUNTER LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE, probably because of nostalgic reasons. When I was going through my teaching program, this template was the rule. I still think it is a valuable template but how does it fit in with the Common Core State Standards?

     Recently, I trained a group of Kindergarten teachers on how to do a CLOSE READING. May I say 'skeptic' Kindergarten teachers. Some were weary of foregoing the 'background knowledge' component. I tried to to explain that it is more valuable for students to grapple with text and make their meanings rather than giving them the vocabulary definitions ahead of time. 

     The basic rule of thumb is: if students can use context clues to figure out the meaning, do not pre-define the words. However, if the meaning cannot be gleaned from the text, then give them the information needed.

     How can Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers prepare their  students for the higher expectations of the common core? If you are like me, you know that Kindergarteners can do a lot more than the stated standards for our grade level and are anxious to start the ball rolling now.

     A good LESSON PLANNING TEMPLATE that incorporates the basic tenets of close reading at the Kindergarten or 1st grade level is shown here. This lesson plan template sample is filled out but if you want the blank template let me know. 

Charlie Chaffin

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