Saturday, February 08, 2014

100th Day of School Activities

This day is such a big milestone in the school year. Students have been diligently counting up to 100. Each day adding a new straw or popsicle stick to the ones place pocket. When they reach '10,' its time to bind the straws and move them to the tens place pocket. The big day comes when they have built ten groups of ten! Teachers and students celebrate this big day by reading books about the 100th day of school. Counting, clapping, and jumping 100 times. Decorating hats or shirts with 100 items. The cutest thing lately is that students dress up like they are 100 years old! They write about, "When I am 100…," "100 years ago…," or "If I had $100 dollars…" and OMIGOODNESS what they can do with a Hundreds Chart! There are so many learning math and literacy opportunities on this day. Really savvy teachers will even relate the significance of 100 with money and play trade up to a dollar or 'roll and cover' games. My favorite of all of the activities though is the making of the 100 Day Salad. Students pick 10 fun snack items, from 10 bowls, to make a 100 item snack. I used such things as cheerios, m&ms, popcorn, hot tamales…you get the idea. My first year I had them eat it in class as together as we ate each item and counted to hundred. The result? ….so many sick bellies. Now I tell them to take their time and eat it home. I made a 100 Day Teaching Resource on my TPT store. 

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