Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cute Valentine Tutorial

Are you still scrambling' to make your Valentine Cards? This is the easiest and quite possibly the cutest Valentine Card Craft ever! I made it a few years ago for my class and it did not disappoint. I promise it literally took me two minutes.

     First, I folded the pink construction paper in half, traced half a heart…and voila a perfectly symmetrical heart appears. You'll have to keep it folded to make the mouse body. I had two heart punches so I used them to punch out my heart shapes. I could have just as easy cut out my smaller hearts using the fold method. 
     The smaller hearts are for the ear, the lollipop label, and the cute little black nose that looks a little like a mustache. I used the black permanent marker to dot the eye on. I then glued the heart ear on, taped the heart label on the lollipop, and stapled the heart in half. I also made some adorable SPANISH VALENTINE PRINTABLES and if you are still into the MUSTACHE MADNESS, check out free printable for that as well. 

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