Monday, February 03, 2014

Printable Valentine Cards in Spanish

How do you say Happy Valentine's Day in Spanish? "Feliz Día de San Valentín," some people say "Feliz día de los enamorados," but I don't like it for elementary. It literally means "Happy lovers day," so stay away from that term. When I was teaching Spanish Dual Immersion, it was difficult to find cute Spanish Valentine Cards. I made 8 adorable cards with "muu-cho" care. There is a little smart play on words for each card. They have cow and penguin clipart and I also included a 6-month Calendar with Spanish months for students to give away as gifts to parents, teachers, friends, or grandparents. Students simply draw a picture and then you can laminate it. You can also take a cute picture of them and the gift subject and place it in the frame. Super cute gift they will have up for at least six months.

Charlie Chaffin

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