Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rounding RAP

Teaching students how to ROUND was one of my favorite things to do as a 3rd Grade Teacher. When speaking with my colleagues, most did not feel the same. I was very lucky that my first year as a teacher, I came into contact with an awesome teacher, Mrs. Thomas. This is how it goes and it works with any place value:

Mark the place                   748     or     743
Look to the right                  ➳               ➳

Four or less,                       748             74_                    
It's out of sight                     ✘                ✓

Five or more                       748↶ 4+1=5       
Will buy one more                 ✓      

Before it too,                      75_
is out the door

In those empty                   75_              74_
right hand spaces

Zeroes mark                       750              740
the proper places

Please enjoy this awesome teaching strategy! If you have any question about how it works shoot me a comment.

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