Saturday, February 08, 2014

Printable Valentine Cards

Please feel free to download these Printable Valentine Cards and reuse them. They are too cute to go into the most inner caverns of my computer, never to be seen again… 

The inside message for the Mustache Valentine is: Who love's you baby?

The inside message for the Bird Valentine is: Tweet, tweet, I think you are sweet!

I gave the mustache valentine to my hubby and the bird valentine to my students. I punched a hole in the corner and inserted a thick red ribbon and tied a knot. They looked very fancy. 

I would print the bird valentine card on card stock. Print back to back to get two cards. For the mustache valentine card, I printed on regular paper, back-to-back and folded it in fourths to make a card that opens with the message on the inside.  

The Printable Valentine Cards for this year will include a fox and an arrow. Check back soon!

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