Saturday, February 08, 2014

Cesar Chavez Day

Cesar Chavez Day is on March 31st. It is celebrated on his birthday. In 2013 Google honored this Mexican-American icon when they put his image inside one of the Google o's. Sadly, there were many people that were outraged because his birthday also happened to fall on Easter. Cesar Chavez, who was influenced by Mahatma Gandhi, was a catalyst for change in the migrant farm worker community using non violent methods.

Migrant farm workers followed the crops from city to city that needed harvesting and often faced poor working conditions. 
Chavez started a union, now known as the United Farm Workers (UFW), to help increase wages and improve the working conditions and safety of farm workers. He organized ‘huelgas,’ or strikes, and boycotts of lettuce and grapes in order to help workers. Chavez also went on some famous hunger strikes. He was put in jail many times during his fight. But his work paid off and millions of farm workers’ lives changed for the better.                                                                                       
The motto made famous by Cesar Chavez was “Sí, se puede,” which means “Yes, it can be done,” is still used today to inspire Hispanic movements. Barrack Obama even used the motto in is campaign for presidency. Chavez was awarded the US Medal of Freedom after he died, posthumously. 

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