Friday, February 07, 2014

Teacher Pay Teacher ?

Many people enter the incorrect term 'teacher pay teacher' singular but it is actually plural: Teachers Pay Teachers. Do not fret. You can still go to the site by clicking on one of the buttons below.

*If you do begin selling, please consider starting your store by clicking the first button above. If I refer you to them, then I earn a very small percentage of the earnings TPT would get from you. I can help with any questions you might have to get started. For example, you will need cute frames and backgrounds to make a cover page to may your product attractive. We can link to each other's blog so we can help each other advertise. I want this to be a win-win partnership. If I ever make more than $100.00 from your store (that would mean you would have to sell over $4000 in a calendar year), I will pay for your next year's membership of $59.95 so that you can earn a higher percentage of your earnings. Just trying to survive in this crazy teacher selling products world while helping others teachers too. This is for their Refer a Friend program but you must click my button or else it won't work. Cheers!

Thank you,
Charlie Chaffin

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