Thursday, January 23, 2014

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Just came across a job post on NPR for an Education Blogger. Dream job alert! Is this a good place to insert my teaching credentials?

I have been an educator for many years and in many capacities. I taught KINDERGARTEN ( This was by far the most enjoyable because I was their first teacher and I taught them to read! ) Nobody ever forgets their Kindergarten teacher.  

I taught FIRST GRADE but as a DUAL IMMERSION teacher. (This was amazing because I learned so much myself. I knew Spanish very well, but not being formally educated in the language, accent marks were not my strong point. I learned that only the first word in a title is capitalized. Most of all I learned that there are not enough resources for DI teachers. I literally spent hundreds of hours creating new resources for my class.

SECOND GRADE is truly the sweet spot. They are more independent, most can read and write well enough AND they  are still cute.

THIRD GRADE was very enjoyable because the math concepts got more intense. I loved teaching them the ROUNDING RAP! I see this as a BRIDGE year. Connecting them to all of the possibilities. If they are still having reading difficulties by the end of this year, chances are they may never catch up.

FOURTH GRADE was all about STATE HISTORY and the application of their conceptual knowledge.

OOOH! FIFTH GRADE students are more into their peers than the teacher. It gets a little depressing. As a SUB, however, in short amounts of time. I really like this group.

I also got my Masters in ED ADMIN, which means I can be a principal but that is a BEAST I will tackle much later.  

Ahem but my qualifications fall short? 

They want a journalist with six years experience but I believe that a teacher that has been out on the front lines make a better reporter. At the very least they would know what issues are truly important to teachers. Nonetheless, I applied and I would be willing to move to Washington D.C. to prove that I can hang with the big journalists at NPR. But for now the Common Core Blogger teacher blog makes its debut! 

Like every new blogger asks themselves, "How will my blog be different?" and "Why will someone want to visit my blog?" Hmmm…I know that I want to be an advocate for students, parents, teachers, and even to fellow teacher bloggers. I'm hoping to share some of the best BLOG TIPS that I come across. Stay tuned in by following ! I have a great READING STRATEGY that I want to publish soon.

I do know that I cannot just concentrate on one grade as most education bloggers do. So you will be seeing posts about MANY IDEAS across MANY GRADE LEVELS and so many TEACHING STRATEGIES

What do you think, are teachers better equipped to blog about education or are journalists?

Charlie Chaffin

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