Thursday, January 23, 2014

Writing in Kindergarten

The COMMON CORE suggests that our students master Persuasive, Explanatory, and writing that Conveys Experience, either real or imaginary. 
     In KINDERGARTEN, students may not yet able to write persuasive pieces or an argument but an Opinion piece is a baby step. From there, they will be able to support their opinion with evidence. These are both skills that will help with the aforementioned writing styles. 

 Graphic Organizers work well with 'Informative Writing'
     Here is a great example of how a Kindergarten teacher is showing her students the different types of writing styles. Just exposing students to quality WRITING will pay back in millions as kids "get it." An example with pumpkins is great for OCTOBER but the idea can easily be incorporated with any HOLIDAY theme. Imagine a President topic in FEBRUARY. 

What would that look like 
in your classroom?

Charlie Chaffin

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