Thursday, February 06, 2014

Kindergarten Writing Paper

Believe it or not, when my kindergarteners leave my classroom, most of them are able to write a five sentence paragraph. This is shocking to some people that do not realize that kindergarten is the new first grade! The way I approach writing is in a non-stressful environment but they do begin writing from the first day of school. Usually I give them a drawing lesson on an "apple" or an "ant" (something that starts with an 'A.' Then they simply copy the letters on the lines (many don't stay in the lines at this point). Everyday they draw something and then copy the letters. When students have learned the High Frequency Words: I, like, and my, they can form simple sentences.

 "I like my pig." 

Not too much time later, they can add some describing sentences such as:

"The pig is fat.
The pig is pink.
My pig can play in the mud."

If they have practice every day, they will not fight against it and may even enjoy writing! 


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