Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Top 10 Accent Fonts for Teachers

Notice the personality of the é in each one.
free font downloads here,   and here.   Here too!
These are my favorite accent fonts that I use as a teacher. I like them for many reasons, mostly because they all have a normal "a" with the exception of Tekton Pro, that was already on my macbook pro. The weird seems to confuse my young students. I expose them to that a as well. . I also like these because they have a range in thicknesses and the accent marks look different in each. As a bonus, we don't have to use Comic Sans anymore! Since I'm always creating Spanish Resources, the most important thing to me is finding fonts that have accent marks. For more fancy fonts, use my links at the top of this post. I promise that I am not getting paid per click or anything. I just think they are a good resource. I didn't even know about the Google Fonts! Please let me know if this post was helpful.

Charlie Chaffin

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