Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Common Core and Poetry


There is one that can clink
And one that can fold
“A dollar is a dollar is a dollar...”
But I am yet to be sold

White powder wig, 
And lips shut tight
Like Mona Lisa
No teeth in sight


Four little Presidents
Lined up one by one 
Can hope to be more
But only make one

and Lincoln

Ten that shine so bright 
20 that can stand upright 
And 100 copper men 
...with no hat in sight

E Pluribus Unum
“Out of many, one”
This stands for the 13
That also became One

by Charlie Chaffin

This poem can be used in conjunction with Shel Silverstein's poem called 'Smart.' Have you ever read it? It is so funny, so this kid gets a dollar but he keeps making bad trades because he thinks that 'more' is better. In the end, he ends up with five pennies instead of a dollar. Students are supposed to be making connections across texts so that they can integrate their knowledge. Hence, my poem about the dollar. I also suggest reading a book called Benny's Pennies. That would be a perfect addition to this introduction to money for kids. Have students demonstrate the kid's confusion about money in Silverstein's poem. Let students act out the scenarios with plastic or magnetic coins. This is critical thinking, baby. 

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